Calcium Fulvate-Organic Fertilizer

Calcium Fulvate Organic Fertilizer

We offer our patrons a range of Calcium Fulvate, which is a water soluble organic based product with fulvic chelated calcium (ca). It is the most powerful and effective natural chelating & complexing compound, changing metallic calcium into readily absorbable form. Once the calcium blends into the fulvic acid complex, it turns bioactive, bio-available & organic that allows fulvic chelated calcium rapid entry through plant walls. It is because of the high complexing ability and has low molecular size, our range rapidly absorbed by the leaf & root system, which guides to quick recovery of suffered plants. Fulvic is largely admired for preventing many physiological disorders of crops and vegetables.


Features :


  • It is most effective organic fertilizer.

  • Fulvic offer calcium which is the single most valuable nutrient in high production agriculture

  • Fulvic is mainly recommended for halting and improving calcium deficiencies & imbalances in calcium mixture

  • Recommended to prevent various physiological disorders

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