Bentonite Sulphur

Solufeed Bentonite Sulphur

We are instrumental in the manufacturing of this range of Solufeed Bentonite Sulphur. This is an elemental sulphur, available in various quantities. Not to be used as a nutrient, this is an insoluble compound having elemental sulphur in granules. It takes very long time before it releases into the soil. It cannot be solved by combing the elemental sulphur with Bentonite that is a type of clay for enhancing the volume by factor of 3 to 5 when it came into contact with water. Known for the consistent size, it has a free flowing and easy to apply material. Our range has very minute dust content thus, if conforms to highest environmental standards.


Specifications of this chemical range are as follows:

  • As the sulphur bentonite granule comes into contact with soil moisture, it breaks apart into fragments of dust-dimensions, thus allowing swift and continuous solubilisation

  • Due to its unique formulation, bentonite sulphur delivers the best swelling and distribution properties within the pastille sulphur market

  • The use of elemental sulphur in a degradable granular form, which is produced by mixing with approximately 10% bentonite

  • Bentonite clay is becoming very popular as high application rates of 50-70kg/ hectare are required and the pastille form is easily applied, either by mechanical means or by hand

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